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This is snippet thats login and logout users.

On first login user will be registered. On next logins user profile will be updated by default.


Call uncached snippet on your page.


Register user to group Users, do not update his profile on next logins and remember him.


Availible properties

Name Description Default value
action Action of the snippet (login, logout, getProfile, updateProfile, loadTpl) loadTpl
updateProfile Update user profile with info from validation service. Fullname, email, date of birth etc. 1
rememberme Remember user? Depends on session_cookie_lifetime 1
groups Comma-separated list of existing groups for registering users. none
loginTpl Chunk for not authenticated users with link to login. tpl.Loginza.login
logoutTpl Chunk for authenticated user with link to logout. tpl.Loginza.logout
profileTpl Chunk for display and edit user profile tpl.Loginza.profile
saltName Any string to complicate md5 hash of username md(identity + salt). Without it username will be simple md5 hash of its identity from remote service. none
saltPass Any string to complicate md5 hash of pass. Without it pass will be simple md5 hash of its identity from remote service. none
loginContext Context to login. current context
addContexts A comma-separated list of additional contexts to log in to. none
profileFields Comma separated list of allowed user fields for update username,email,fullname,phone,mobilephone,dob,gender,address,country,city,state,zip,fax,photo,comment,website
requiredFields Comma separated list of required user fields when update username,email,fullname
loginResourceId Resource id to redirect to on successful login. 0 will redirect to self. 0
logoutResourceId Resource id to redirect to on successful logout. 0 will redirect to self. 0

Source code

Here is this snippet on Github.

See Also

  1. Loginza.Loginza
  2. tpl.Loginza.login
  3. tpl.Loginza.logout
  4. tpl.Loginza.profile

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