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Contribute to MODX

Joshua Lückers Mark Hamstra

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Contributing to the MODX project is a noble pursuit in which you can help make things better for everyone. It's often a labor of love, and all the help is welcome.

What can you do?

Developing the core code is just one type of contribution. If you're not a developer, not all is lost however. There are other types of work that go into an open source project like MODX, and there's certainly something that fits your skills and interests.

Besides developing fixes or features:

Where to find MODX

The MODX Community is active in many areas and in many ways, including:

  • MODX Community - MODX has one of the liveliest, friendliest communities around.
  • GitHub - MODX and its associated open source projects have git code repositories and more hosted on GitHub
  • Issues on GitHub - the place to report and discuss bugs and feature requests
  • Translations - become a translator and let the world know about MODX.
  • Documentation - find MODX documentation and tutorials (you are here already!)
  • Slack via modx.org - join thousands of people discussing MODX
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • #modx channel on the Freenode IRC network

Support the team building MODX with a monthly donation.

The budget raised through OpenCollective is transparent, including payouts, and any contributor can apply to be paid for their work on MODX.



$0 per month—let's make that $500!

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