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Here is a running list of features (not all of them!) in Discuss:

Flexible Structure

  • Unlimited Depth Sub-Forum Support
  • Categories
  • Thread-based Private Messages
  • Threaded discussion support (future feature)
  • Archived/Inactive Boards
  • Locked Boards/Threads
  • Easily theme-able
  • Able to restrict Boards to certain User Groups


  • Full BBCode Support
  • Attachments w/ download tracking
  • Edited On support for posts
  • Courtesy Edit Wait
  • BBCode-based Signatures (with max-length)
  • Sticky/Hot threads with configurable thresholds

Backend management system

  • Drag/drop Boards and Categories to arrange
  • Easily manage usergroups and members
  • View posts by users, moderate and edit


  • Global Moderators
  • Report Post to Moderator
  • ACL-based Moderator Permissions
  • Recycle Bin support
  • Spam Box support
  • Admin Groups


  • User Statistics
  • Forum-wide Stats

User Management

  • SSO Support with Login Extra, FormIt and Rampart
  • User Subscriptions to Threads
  • Ignore Boards
  • Avatar handling (w/ Gravatar support)
  • Post Counts
  • User Settings
  • Who's Online view
  • Custom Titles


  • Unread posts (and since last visit)
  • Board RSS Feeds
  • SMF Import Script
  • Restrict Guests option
  • Search integration to Solr and Sphinx

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