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The QuipReply Snippet

Displays a reply form for a given thread.


Place anywhere you would like a reply form for a thread.

[[!QuipReply? &thread=`myThread`]]

Not specifying a thread will make the QuipReply snippet look for the 'quip_thread' GET parameter. This is useful for threaded comments.

Available Properties

Name Description Default Value
requireAuth If set to true, only logged in users will be able to comment on the thread. 0
closed If set to 1, the thread will not accept new comments. 0
closeAfter The number of days at which the thread will automatically close after it was created. Set to 0 to leave open indefinitely. 14
moderate If set to true, all new posts to the thread will be moderated. 0
moderateAnonymousOnly If set to 0, only anonymous (non-logged-in users) will be moderated. 0
moderateFirstPostOnly If set to 0, only the first post of the user will be moderated. All subsequent posts will be auto-approved. This only applies to logged-in users. 1
moderators A comma-separated list of moderator usernames for this thread.
moderatorGroup Any Users in this User Group will have moderator access. Administrator
dontModerateManagerUsers Never moderate users logged into the manager. 1
dateFormat The format of the date to show for a comment's post date. The syntax is in PHP strftime format. %b %d, %Y at %I:%M %p
notifyEmails A comma-separated list of email addresses to send a notification email to when a new post is made on this thread.
recaptcha If true, will enable reCaptcha in the add comment form. 0
disableRecaptchaWhenLoggedIn Disable reCaptcha validation for logged in users. 1
autoConvertLinks If true, will automatically convert URLs to links. 1
useGravatar Whether or not to show Gravatar icons in comments. 1
gravatarIcon The type of Gravatar icon to use for a user without a Gravatar. identicon
gravatarSize The size in pixels of the Gravatar. 50
postAction The name of the submit field to initiate a comment post. quip-post
previewAction The name of the submit field to preview a comment post. quip-preview
tplAddComment The add comment form. Can either be a chunk name or value. If set to a value, will override the chunk. See tplAddComment for the default form used. It lives on the filesystem: core/components/quip/elements/chunks/quipaddcomment.chunk.tpl
tplLoginToComment The portion to show when the user is not logged in. Can either be a chunk name or value. If set to a value, will override the chunk. The default chunk lives on the filesystem: core/components/quip/elements/chunks/quipaddcomment.chunk.tpl
tplPreview The preview view. Can either be a chunk name or value. If set to a value, will override the chunk.
idPrefix If you want to use multiple Quip instances on a page, change this ID prefix. qcom
requirePreview If set to 1, will require a user to preview their comment before posting. 0

QuipReply Chunks

There are 3 chunks that are processed. Their corresponding parameters are:

  • tplAddComment - The Chunk to use for the add comment form.
  • tplLoginToComment - Will display when requireAuth is set to 1 and the user is not logged in.
  • tplPreview - The preview view for an about-to-be-posted comment.


Display a reply form for the thread 'myThread', with the moderators in the User Group 'Moderators':

[[!QuipReply? &thread=`myThread` &moderatorGroup=`Moderators`]]

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