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Examples for EventsX

Display a list of upcoming events

Go to components -> EventsX and create some events

(make sure they are active)

create your chunk "upcomingEvents"

<li>[[+location:htmlentities]]: <a href="[[+url]]" title="[[+name:htmlentities]]">[[+name:htmlentities]]</a> <time datetime="[[+startdate:strtotime:date=`%Y-%m-%d`]]" title="event is scheduled on [[+startdate:strtotime:date=`%d.%m.%Y`]]">[[+startdate:strtotime:date=%d.%m.%Y`]]</time></li>

create snippet call

Add this snippet call on your template or resource where you would like to display the list of events.

<h2>next events:</h2>
<ol id="eventcal">
    [[!EventsX? &tpl=`upcomingEvents` &limit=`10`]]


A screenshot could look like this. Note that I've styled the time element individually.

See Also

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