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emListEvents is a snippet which is a part of the EventManager addon that can be used to list events from its custom database.

This piece of documentation will be written in the (hopefully) near future.


Selection Properties

Property Description Default value
&limit Limit the number of events to display. 3
&reserveResource The ID of the resource your reservation form is on. The script will make this into a link passing "eid=5", wherein 5 is the ID of the event, available in ?the reservationlink placeholder.
&default The ID of the event to mark as the default. You can also use @GET to make the script look for a certain REQUEST parameter. You can reference the "default" placeholder in any output row to check against the current. See the included emRowSelectBoxTpl for a use case. @GET eid

Template Properties

Property Description Default value
&rowTpl The name of a chunk used to iterate over the events. Available placeholders: - eventid (int, primary key) - date (time, formatted with strftime('%A %e/%m, %H:%M'))
- title (string)
- description (string)
- reservationlink (link to &reservationResource with &eid=5 passed to it)
- default (string, see &default property above)
- capacity (int)
- last_signup `(i
&emRowTpl (included in package) <p>[[+date]]</p> <p></p>[[+title]]</p> <p>[[+description]]<br />[[+reservationlink]]</p>

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