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Parses an existing database and generates a XPDO XML schema from it.


API Docs: http://api.modxcms.com/xpdo/om-mysql/xPDOGenerator_mysql.html#writeSchema

boolean writeSchema (
  string $schemaFile,
  [string $package = ''],
  [string $baseClass = ''],
  [string $tablePrefix = ''],
  [boolean $restrictPrefix = false])


Generate the xml schema from an existing database. This also only generates XML for the tables prefixed with 'mydb_'.

$xpdo= new xPDO('mysql:host=localhost;dbname=myolddatabase','username','password','mydb_');
$manager= $xpdo->getManager();
$generator= $manager->getGenerator();

$xml= $generator->writeSchema('/path/to/my/new/packagename.schema.xml','mypackage', 'xPDOObject','mydb_');

Note: generating the XML schema doesn't generate the aggregate and composite relationships - just the field and object definitions. You'll need to specify those relationships yourself. See Defining Relationships for more details.

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