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FormSave is a hook for FormIt that allows you to save virtually any form to the database and export the results to CSV/XML/Print view right out of the box. You can also add your own export templates to make any export format possible.

FormSave is created and maintained by SCHERP Ontwikkeling.


FormSave requires MODX® Revolution 2.2.0 or later.


Version Release date Author Changes
1.0.1-PL1 June 8th, 2012 Patrick Nijkamp (SCHERP Ontwikkeling) Added ability to delete form entries, fixed a bug.
1.0.0-PL1 April 24th, 2012 Patrick Nijkamp (SCHERP Ontwikkeling) Initial release.

Download & Installation

Install the package through the MODX® package manager.

What you need to know

FormSave is a hook for FormIt, this means you need FormIt installed and you need to know how FormIt works. Check out the RTFM for FormIt if you don't know what FormIt is.

Using FormSave in the front-end

Using the snippet

As an example we'll use the call from FormIt's example contact page which looks like this:

   &emailTo=`[email protected]`

But now we want to save the form to the database to view the results later. To do this we simply add the hook and a parameter to the FormIt call:

   &hooks=`recaptcha,spam,FormSave,email,redirect`      <-- added the hook here after spam and recaptcha check
   &emailTo=`[email protected]`
   &fsFormTopic=`contact`                               <-- added the form topic to specify which form this is

These are the parameters you can use in the FormIt call:

Parameter Explanation
fsFormTopic The topic for the form. Used to separate multiple forms. (Defaults to "form")
fsFormFields A comma separated list of fields to save, if omitted all form fields will be saved. (example: name,email,message)
fsFormPublished Whether or not the form should have published "1" in the database. Currently unused.

External sources

Developers website: http://scherpontwikkeling.nl/modx/formsave

GitHub repository: http://www.github.com/b03tz/FormSave/

Report bugs and request features: http://www.github.com/b03tz/FormSave/issues

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