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Listing Events

Generic List of Upcoming Events

Display a generic list of events from all calendars and all categories with clickable modal window view.

  • Resource ID 49 used for example only (replace with your ajaxResource's ID).
  • Omit "&modalView and &ajaxResourceId" parameters for a standard detail view.
  • Add duplicated chunks and additional parameters for customized output (more variations and examples coming soon).
  • Add parameters to display further ahead (default is +4 weeks)
  • Omit or alter "&eventListLimit" for more list items (default is 5 list items)
&elEndDate=`+16 weeks`

Generic List of Past Events

mxCalendar can also display past events. The three parameters you want to look at are:

&elDirectinal=past - This tells mxCalendar to pull back all calendar events that happened in past thus less than the date supplied in the elStartDate field &elStartDate=now - Same as with regular events sets a starting point to filter date range for results &dir=DESC - Returns events in the order from most recent to oldest


(duplicate the tplListItem and tplListWrap chunks, rename, save, and insert into the mxCalendar snippet call as shown below)


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