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Collaborating on Themes can be a great way to build a robust solution you can share in the MODX Extras. The reasons to collaborate with a team include:

  • Front-end developers only worry about the markup
  • Customer service or projects managers can focus on creating logical and simple Option Sets
  • Product owners can work on Screenshots, Default configurations, README and CHANGELOG files
  • Developers can implement custom code for specific functionality

The Simple Way

The easiest way to collaborate on a Theme is to simply invite a group of people to a site and to have them work away. Export your Theme when your happy with the results, and you’re done!

The “Right” Way

If you are working with a team of people to create a Theme, storing the components in a Git repository can be a great way to collaborate. The advantage of this is that the work is versioned, making overwriting someone’s work no big deal.

The rest of this section is dedicated to explaining how to do this using Gitify.

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