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All modAction related functionality has been removed in MODX3. This was accompanied by a cleanup of the modManagerResponse and modManagerController classes.

This means that manager URLs in the form of /manager/?a=15 (where 15 is the ID of an action) will no longer work. Extras that rely on it must be updated to use namespace-based routing instead, in the form of /manager/?namespace=myextra&a=action.

For some extras, this may require rewriting controllers. For others, simply changing the menu definition (in System > Menus) is sufficient.

Removed: MODx.action (JavaScript)

The MODx.action javascript variable in the manager is no longer available and may cause an error when accessed without checking if it exists.

Removed: modX::$actionMap

With the removal of actions, the actionMap no longer serves a purpose, and has been removed.

Removed: modCacheManager::generateActionMap()

Along with modX::$actionMap, the method that generates it modCacheManager::generateActionMap() has also been removed.

Removed: modManagerRequest::loadActionMap()

Used to fill modX::$actionMap, has been removed.

Changed: parameters passed to OnBeforeManagerPageInit event

Previously, OnBeforeManagerPageInit received an $action parameter as an array. Now, it includes the following parameters:

  • string $namespace the namespace for the request
  • string $namespacePath the (core) path for the namespace
  • string $action the router/action in the namespace

Removed: MODX_INCLUDES_PATH constant

No known uses of this constant, so it has been removed.

Changed: throwing exceptions

When initialising a controller, you can now throw a new exception MODX\Revolution\Controllers\Exceptions\NotFoundException or MODX\Revolution\Controllers\Exceptions\AccessDeniedException. These will be handled by the modManagerResponse class to show a nicer error page.

Make sure to provide a useful message in the exception.

This also supports returning a falsey return value from modManagerController::checkPermissions, but that does not allow providing a custom message unless you throw the exception yourself.

\Exceptions and \Errors triggered by the rendering of a controller will also be caught now.

Removed: loadControllerClass and instantiateController on modManagerResponse

As the logic for loading controllers has been refactored in modManagerResponse, the loadControllerClass and instantiateController methods have been removed.

Some signatures have slightly changed:

  • checkForMenuPermissions(string $action): bool now defines the string parameter type and bool return type
  • getControllerClassName(string $action): string now requires the $action to be provided and either returns a string or throws a NotFoundException.

Removed objects

  • modAccessAction (access_actions table)
  • modAction (actions table)

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