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What is SiteCheck?

SiteCheck is a commercial extra that tests the integrity of your MODX site. It typically performs about 5,000 tests. Here's a partial list of the things SiteCheck will find:

- Missing MODX config files
- Invalid paths in config files
- Incorrect file and directory permissions
- Inability to connect to the MODX database
- Character set mismatches between MODX and MySQL
- An invalid workspace path
- A Date/Time mismatch between PHP and MySQL
- Invalid Transport Packages
- Resources with invalid parents
- Resources with invalid Templates
- Resources with empty aliases
- Resources with duplicate aliases in the same Context
- Resources with frozen, empty URIs
- Resources with duplicate URIs in the same Context
- Resources with duplicate pagetitles in the same Context
- Resources with invalid class keys
- Resources with invalid Contexts
- Resources where `context_key` value doesn't match parent's
- Elements with invalid Categories
- Elements with invalid Property Sets
- Templates with invalid Template Variables
- Template Variables with invalid templates
- Template Variables with invalid Resource Groups
- Resource Groups with invalid Template Variables
- Resource Groups with invalid Resources
- Resources with invalid Resource Groups
- Users with invalid User Groups
- Users with invalid Roles
- User Groups with invalid Users
- User Groups with invalid Roles
- Plugins with invalid Events
- Events attached to invalid Plugins
- Property Sets attached to invalid Elements

You can learn more about SiteCheck at Bob's Guides


SiteCheck took about eight months months of intensive development to create.

This version of the SiteCheck extra was developed by Bob Ray in 2014. As of Jun 22, 2017 it had been last updated on April 8, 2017, had 322 commits, and had been downloaded 190 times. The SiteCheck package consists of 3,118 separate files, containing 30,502 lines of code.

It is currently maintained by Bob Ray.


SiteCheck can be obtained from the secure server at Gumroad.com.

Development and Bug Reporting

Bugs and feature requests for GoRevo can be submitted here.

Questions about how to use SiteCheck should be posted on the MODX Forums.


The full documentation for SiteCheck can be found at the author's web site (Bob's Guides): SiteCheck Documentation.

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