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The search controller handles search requests. If there are no results, it will use the lexicon string discuss.search_no_results for the results message.

The actual searching is done by the search class. This is configured with the discuss.search_class system setting (and discuss.search_class_path optionally). By default, Discuss comes with a disSearch class which is a simple SQL searcher, and disSolrSearch which allows searching through a solr instance. It is possible to write custom search classes by extending disSearch.

Basic Information

Since Version 1.0
Controller File controllers/web/search.class.php
Controller Class Name DiscussSearchController
Controller Template pages/search.tpl
Manifest Name search


If you don't know what the manifest is, please go back to the Getting Started document. The options below need to go into the "search" options array of the manifest.

Key Default Description
resultRowTpl disSearchResult The name of a (file based) chunk to wrap each result in. Placeholders include all [Discuss.Database+Model] fields, as well as [[+username]], [[+board_name]], [[+replies]], [[+relevancy]], [[+cls]], [[+toggle]].
toggle + A string to show as toggle button
limit value of discuss.threads_per_page or 20 Amount of results per page

Controller Template

This controller template has the following placeholders you can use, on top of the placeholders mentioned in the options above:

Placeholder Description
All fields of the disBoard object.
results The search results or an error message.
total Amount of results.
start Number of results this page starts on.
end Either the number of the last result on this page, or the total amount of results.
pagination Generated pagination bits.
search The search term.
<form class="m-fullw-form m-styled-form h-group m-search" action="[[~[[*id]]]]search/" method="get">
    <h1>[[%discuss.search? &namespace=`discuss` &topic=`web`]]</h1>
    <div class="m-panel f1-f8">
        <div class="f1-f5 f-pad h-group">
            <label class="search" for="dis-search">[[%discuss.search]]:</label>
            <input class="search" type="text" id="dis-search" name="s" value="[[+search]]" />
        <div class="f-all f-pad  h-group">
            <a id="dis-search-advanced-toggle" href="a-search-adavnaced">[[%discuss.search_advanced_options]]</a>
        <div id="dis-search-advanced" class="f-all m-grouped-content">
            <div class="f-full">
                <div class="f1-f4 f-pad">
                    <label for="dis-search-board">Post type:
                        <span class="error">[[+error.board]]</span>
                    <select name="board" id="dis-search-qa">
                        <option value="1">(All Posts)</option>
                        <option value="2">Discussions</option>
                        <option value="3" id="QA">Questions</option>
                <div id="SubOptions" class="f5-f8 sub-options">
                    <label for="dis-search-board">Question options:
                        <span class="error">[[+error.board]]</span>
                    <input type="radio" name="qa-options" value="Both" checked>All Questions
                    <input type="radio" name="qa-options" value="Solved">Answered
                    <input type="radio" name="qa-options" value="Unsolved">Without Answer

            <div class="f-full">
                <div class="f1-f4 f-pad">
                    <label for="dis-search-board">[[%discuss.board]]:
                        <span class="error">[[+error.board]]</span>
                    <select name="board" id="dis-search-board">[[+boards]]</select>
                <div class="f5-f8 f-pad">
                    <label for="dis-author">[[%discuss.author]]:</label>
                    <input type="text" id="dis-author" name="user" value="[[+user]]" class="autocomplete" data-autocomplete-action="rest/find_user" data-autocomplete-single="true" />

            <div class="f1-f4 f-pad">
                <label for="dis-date-start">[[%discuss.date_start]]:</label>
                <input type="text" id="dis-date-start" class="m-datepicker" name="date_start" value="[[+date_start]]"/>

            <div class="f5-f8 f-pad">
                <label for="dis-date-end">[[%discuss.date_end]]:</label>
                <input type="text" id="dis-date-end" class="m-datepicker" name="date_end" value="[[+date_end]]"/>
        <div class="f1-f8 f-pad">
            <input type="submit" value="[[%discuss.search]]" />

<header class="dis-cat-header dark-gradient h-group sticky-bar top">
    [[+results:notempty=`<h1>Displaying [[+start]]-[[+end]] of [[+total]] Results</h1>`]]

<div class="dis-threads">
    <ul class="dis-list search-results">`]]
<div class="paginate stand-alone bottom horiz-list">

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