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Copies the object fields and corresponding values to an associative array.


API Docs: http://api.modxcms.com/xpdo/om/xPDOObject.html#toArray

array toArray(
   [string $keyPrefix = ''],
   [boolean $rawValues = false],
   [boolean $excludeLazy = false],
   [boolean|integer|string|array $inludeRelated = false])
  • keyPrefix: an optional prefix to prepend to each fields' keys.
  • rawValues: optional flag to get the raw value (true) or to use xPDOObject->get(). Typically will want to use ->get().
  • excludeLazy: An option flag indicating if you want to exclude lazy fields from the resulting array; the default behavior is to include them which means the object will query the database for the lazy fields before providing the value.
  • includeRelated: Describes if and how to include loaded related object fields.
    • As an integer all loaded related objects in the graph up to that level of depth will be included.
    • As a string, only loaded related objects matching the JSON graph representation will be included.
    • As an array, only loaded related objects matching the graph array will be included.
    • As boolean true, all currently loaded related objects will be included.


Get the values of the object in array format:

$object->set('name','John Lo');
$a = $object->toArray();
// prints "Array ( [name] => John Lo [email] => jlo@gmail.com )"

Get the values of the object, but with their keys prefixed with 'dev_'

$a = $object->toArray('dev_');
// prints "Array ( [dev_name] => Mark [dev_version] => 1.0 )"

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