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Possible with MIGX 2.9 +

raw version for now - feel free, to make it a bit nicer!

Create MIGX-TV with editable grid-cells:

Create new MIGX-TV In input-options put into the field configurations: editablegridcells

assign it to your Template

Go to the MIGX-CMP to the tab MIGX Create a new config with

Tab 'Settings' name: editablegridcells unique MIGX ID: editablegridcells check the checkbox 'add items directly'

Tab 'Columns' Create columns:

Header: Text Field: text Cell-Editor: this.textEditor

Header: Listbox Field: listbox Cell-Editor: this.listboxEditor

Header: Checkbox Field: checkbox Renderer: this.renderSwitchStatusOptions onClicK: switchOption

Add three RenderOptions:

name: checkbox_inactive value: 0 image: assets/components/migx/style/images/cb_empty.png

name: checkbox_active value: 1 image: assets/components/migx/style/images/cb_ticked.png

and as fallback for other values:

name: checkbox_fallback check the ckeckbox: 'use as fallback' value: image: assets/components/migx/style/images/cb_empty.png

at the Tab 'Handlers' check 'this.handleColumnSwitch'

at the Tab 'Formtabs'

Create a Tab with Caption 'Fields' Create three fields:

Fieldname: text Caption: Text

Fieldname: listbox Caption: Listbox input TV type: listbox Input Option Values: Value A||Value B||Value C||Value D

Fieldname: checkbox Caption: Checkbox input TV type: checkbox Input Option Values: active==1 Default Value: 0

Inline-Editing: Double-click on a Cell The TextEditor needs 'Enter' to accept the new value!

Editing or deleting multiple items at once: Select multiple rows (use shift or ctrl - key + left mouseclick) Do your inline-editing

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