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In MODX 3.0 all processors have been renamed and moved compared to 2.x. This also includes the base processors (modObject...Processor).

For third party extras, this means:

  • If you extend any core processor in custom code, that will need your attention.
  • If you call any core processors with runProcessor, those should still work, but may have slightly different behavior.
  • If you use flat-file processors, you will need to rewrite the processor into a class.

Base processors

Any processor that previously inherited from a base processor (such as modProcessor, modObjectProcessor, modDriverSpecificProcessor, and any modObject*Processor) will need to be updated. Practically, that means every single processor.

To help ease with the transition to 3.0, the old class names are automatically made available as aliases, but those aliases will be removed in MODX 3.3.

  • If you want to support both 2.x and 3.x, you can continue to use the modObject...Processor classes for now, but you should make a plan for MODX 3.3+. Communicate clearly to your users which versions you intend to support and until when.
  • To upgrade your codebase to support 3.0+ (and not require additional upgrades when 3.3 comes), you'll need to change the class name you're extending.
Old Class New Class
\modProcessor \MODX\Revolution\Processors\Processor
\modObjectProcessor \MODX\Revolution\Processors\ModelProcessor
\modDriverSpecificProcessor \MODX\Revolution\Processors\DriverSpecificProcessor
\modObjectCreateProcessor \MODX\Revolution\Processors\Model\CreateProcessor
\modObjectDuplicateProcessor \MODX\Revolution\Processors\Model\DuplicateProcessor
\modObjectExportProcessor \MODX\Revolution\Processors\Model\ExportProcessor
\modObjectGetListProcessor \MODX\Revolution\Processors\Model\GetListProcessor
\modObjectGetProcessor \MODX\Revolution\Processors\Model\GetProcessor
\modObjectRemoveProcessor \MODX\Revolution\Processors\Model\RemoveProcessor
\modObjectSoftRemoveProcessor \MODX\Revolution\Processors\Model\SoftRemoveProcessor
\modObjectUpdateProcessor \MODX\Revolution\Processors\Model\UpdateProcessor

Calling core processors with runProcessor

Any call to a core processor will need to be reviewed. The old action names in modX::runProcessor (e.g. resource/create) are still supported, but it is possible that the internal logic of some processors has changed.

Flat-file processors no longer supported

Support for so-called flat-file processors (which end in .php rather than .class.php and don't use a processor class) has been removed.

Any flat-file processor will need to be refactored into an object-based processor using the classes mentioned above.

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