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Create the dynamic resource-specific media source

  • Go to: Media->Media Sources
  • Create new media source
    • name: ResourceMediaPath
    • source type: Filesystem
  • Update this media source
    • basepath and baseurl: [[migxResourceMediaPath? &pathTpl=assets/mygallery/{id}/ &createFolder=1]]

You may also need to create a directory with write-permissions for php: assets/mygallery/

Assign the media source to the image-field

  1. Go to: Extras->MIGX
  2. Edit your Config (right-click the config-item in the grid)
  3. Go to the Tab 'Formtabs' -> Edit the Formtab 'Image' -> Edit the field 'Image' 3.1. At the Tab 'Mediasources' add two new Items for the contexts 'web' and 'mgr' with the newly created mediasource-id

Modify your tpl

Create a snippet with name 'addmediasourcepath' with this code:

$output = str_replace('./','',$input);
if ($mediasource = $modx->getObject('sources.modMediaSource',$options)){
    $output = $mediasource->prepareOutputUrl($output);
return '/' . $output;

In your tpl change the image-placeholder to something like that:


In case, you are using pthumb for image-resizing, to something like that:


Change the mediasource - id, in the example above '3' to yours!

Add Upload-Button

  1. Go to: Extras->MIGX
  2. Edit your Config (right-click the config-item in the grid)
  3. At 'Mediasource ID' put the id of your mediasource
  4. At Tab 'Actionbuttons' select 'uploadfiles_db' and remove the selection 'addItem'
  5. Save everything

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