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TaggingAtoZ is a snippet that lists tags (or theoretically other TV content as well) in groups from A to Z and an optional 0-9 group with customizable header. It can collect data from multiple TV sources. The typical output will be something like the image on the right, though it is completely customizable and you would probably want a bit more styling and useful tags.:)

TaggingAtoZ was developed by Mark Hamstra for Vierkante Meter.

TaggingAtoZ was first released on October 13th, 2011 and can be downloaded from Package Management and the MODX Extras site.

The source is on Github: https://github.com/Mark-H/TaggingAtoZ, which is also the place for bugs & improvements: https://github.com/Mark-H/TaggingAtoZ/issues/

General Discussion on the forum: http://forums.modx.com/thread/71008/taggingatoz-displaying-alphabetical-grouped-tags

Version Released Notes
1.1.0-pl 26/10/2011 Added &groups parameter
1.0.0-pl 13/10/2011 First release


Property Description Default Value
tvs Required. Comma separated list of TVs (name or ID) to collect the values from.
target Usually Required. ID of the resource to target to. Usually required cause you could just override it in the tplTag chunk. 1
groups Can be used to define which groups to use. Example: &groups=a,b,c. If you want to include the numeric group as well, pass the numeric group header (see &numericHeader), like so: &groups=0-9,a,b,c. Does not change the order, only what groups are included. Added in 1.1.0.
tagKey When used with getResourcesTag, this is the tag key to pass in the request. Could override in the tplTag chunk as well. tag
tagSeparator Separator to use between tplTag results. \n
groupSeparator Separator to use between tplGroup results. \n
limit Limit the results per group. 5
toLower [1|0] Transform tags to lower case (allows case-insensitive counting/viewing) 1 (since v1.1)
encoding When use_multibyte is 1, use this encoding for transforming to lower case. UTF-8
use_multibyte Use multibyte function in transforming to lower case. 0
groupNumeric [1|0] Group numeric keys into one group when 1 1
numericHeader Header (string) to use for the numberic group 0-9
toPlaceholder When set, it will output the results to the placeholder in this property
groups Limit the output to certain groups. Specify them as a comma separated lists, such as: a,b,c,d,e,f. Use the value in numbericHeader if you want to include those, like 0-9,a,b,c,d,e,f.
parents Comma separated list of parent resource IDs to search in for values.
depth Depth to check for values (only used with &parents).
includeDeleted [1|0] If you want to include deleted resources as well, set this to 1. 0
includeUnpublished [1|0] If you want to include unpublished resources as well, set this to 1. 0
tplTag Template chunk to use for every tag. See below for placeholders. atozTag
tplGroup Template chunk to use for every group. See below for placeholders. atozGroup
tplOuter Template chunk to use to wrap all the results in. See below for placeholders. atozOuter
cls Class to add to every item.
altCls Class to use for odd items. alt
firstCls Class to use for the first tag. first
lastCls Class to use for the last tag. last
weights (int) Used in weighing tags with the weightCls property. 0
weightCls Class to prefix for weights.
debug Set to 1 to dump debug information. 0

Placeholders for tplTag

  • tag: the tag name
  • tagKey: the tagKey property's value
  • count: number of times this tag occured
  • target: target property's value
  • cls: the classes as calculated based on the cls and *Cls properties.
  • idx: the tag counter for this group.

Placeholders for tplGroup

  • group: the group name
  • count: number of tags in this group (NOTE: this is the total amount. If you have more tags in this group than your limit property allows, this will be bigger than the number shown.
  • wrapper: will be replaced with the individual tags parsed by the tplTag properties.

Placeholders for tplOuter

  • countgroups: number of groups being displayed
  • counttags: total number of tags (not neccessarily the same amount as being displayed)
  • wrapper: will be replaced with individual groups parsed by the tplGroup properties


To display tags from the "MyTags" TV and the TV with ID 16, pointing the links to the current resource:

[[TaggingAtoZ? &tvs=`MyTags,16` &target=`[[*id]]`]]

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