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Note: This document is not yet complete.

As a major release, MODX 3.0 comes with a number of breaking changes. There is always a balance to be kept between breaking changes that cleanup technical debt, and not breaking things unnecessarily.

Most important breaking changes

The biggest breaking changes can be summarised as follows:

Legacy functionality cleanup

  • modResource->contentType field has been removed; that was replaced in Revolution 2.0 with a content_type field that maps to a modContentType instance. #14057
  • modParser095, modTranslate095, and modTranslator have been removed. Those were utilities for migrating templates from Evolution syntax. #14133
  • /manager/min/ directory has been removed; was unused since 2.5. #12778, #13194, #14416
  • Unused ExtJS grids have been removed: assets/modext/widgets/resource/modx.grid.resource.security.js, assets/modext/widgets/security/modx.grid.role.user.js, assets/modext/workspace/lexicon/language.grid.js, assets/modext/workspace/lexicon/lexicon.topic.grid.js #14895
  • @EVAL binding has been removed from TVs #13865