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This page deals with Custom Manager Pages FAQs & Troubleshooting tips.

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Other Resources:

1. General

1.1. What are connectors and processors? And what is a controller?

A connector is a web-accessible php file which acts as the target point for back-end AJAX requests. It takes in a POST request, and routes that to the right processor (as indicated by the "action" post or url parameter), which is a file that does the actual work of processing the post (which has been added to the $scriptProperties variable by the connector) and returning a JSON array with the results of the request.

A controller is the file which returns the actual markup (html) and inserts javascript and css onto a back-end page.

Typical locations within a component are:

  • Connector: assets/components/mycomponent/connector.php or assets/components/mycomponent/mgr/connector.php
  • Processor: core/components/mycomponent/processors/mgr/processorname.php
  • Controller: core/components/mycomponent/controllers/controllername.php

1.2. Why do I need all those different parts in my manager page? Can't I just echo some values in my controller and build stuff from there?

Sure - you can do that too if you want.

Using the different parts however is advised to make sure you can easily deploy to other installations (as they all expect files at that specific location). It also allows users to move the core folder out of the web accessible root, improving security of the system.

1.3. What version of ExtJS does MODX Revolution use? When will MODX Revolution update to ExtJS 4.0?

MODX Version ExtJS version
2.1.2-pl 3.4.0
2.1.0-rc1 3.3.1
2.0.4-pl 3.3.0
2.0.0-rc2 3.2.1

It is unlikely that MODX will start using ExtJS 4 until 2.3/2.4 or 3.0. If you insist on using ExtJS 4.0, you can always get your hands dirty and start the migration process of the manager/assets/modext/ folder.

1.4. Can I use ExtJS widgets that MODX uses in the Manager in my own CMP as well?

Yes - that saves code, too.

Make sure you test your code on various releases as core code is subject to changes that could break your implementation of it.

2. ExtJS / modExt Troubleshooting

2.1. Error: Syntax Error: Unexpected Token '<' on ext-all.js Line 7

When received after initiating an AJAX request to a connector/processor, this error usually means the response that came back is not valid.

Often this is caused by a PHP Fatal Error in the processor code. Inspect the outgoing request using Firebug or Developer Tools to see what it returns and where the error in the PHP side of things is.

2.2. Why does my grid send out two requests when I refresh it / changePage / filter?

This was caused by a legacy bug fixed for MODX 2.2-rc1. If you are still experiencing a number of requests that are not needed, make sure you don't have listeners calling another refresh/load, changePage(0) and refresh() or in another way are explicitely calling a request twice.

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