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This chunk is a cell of calendar table.

<td id="[[+ec.cell_id]]" data-fulldate="[[+ec.fulldate]]"><td class="cell [[+ec.class]]" id="[[+ec.cell_id]]" data-fulldate="[[+ec.fulldate]]">
    <div class="[[+ec.class_date]]">[[+ec.day]]</div>
    <div class="[[+ec.class_event]]">[[+ec.events]]</div>


Name Description
class_dow CSS classname for day of week.
class_month CSS classname for month and year.
class_workday CSS classname for workday.
class_weekend CSS classname for weekend.
class_today CSS classname for today.
class_event CSS classname for div container with event.
class_isevent CSS classname for cell with event.
class_noevent CSS classname for cell with no event.
class_date CSS classname for date of event.
class_emptyday CSS classname for empty day, with no date.
class_prev CSS classname for previous month button.
class_next CSS classname for next month button.
day_total Total events in the day.

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