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Event: OnBeforeDocFormDelete

Fires before a Resource is deleted via the manager.

  • Service: 1 - Parser Service Events
  • Group: Documents

Event Parameters

Name Description
resource A reference to the modResource object.
id The ID of the Resource.
children An array of IDs of children of this resource which will also be deleted.

Examples of

Such a plugin will display a message stating that a certain resource cannot be deleted, and will add an entry to the logs:

$eventName = $modx->event->name;
switch($eventName) {
    case 'OnBeforeDocFormDelete':
        //if a id=7
        if ($id == 7){
            $modx->log(modX::LOG_LEVEL_ERROR, 'Someone tried to delete a resource '.$resource->get('pagetitle'));
            $response = array(
            	'success' => false,
            	'message' => "Can't be deleted! And then head off your shoulders!",
            	'data' => array(),
            echo $modx->toJSON($response);

Such a plugin will write to the "Error log" the id of the remote resource and its children, if any:

$eventName = $modx->event->name;
switch($eventName) {
    case 'OnBeforeDocFormDelete':
        if (count($childrenIds) > 0) {
            $children = $childrenIds;
        $modx->log(modX::LOG_LEVEL_ERROR, 'A resource was deleted '.$resource->get('pagetitle').print_r($children));

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