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What is StaticSaver

StaticSaver is a plugin for MODX Revolution that automatically sets up the name of file and media source of element (template, chunk, snippet, TV or plugin) when wanting to make this element be static. This is a simple helper for MODX developers.


First install the package via the Package Management or download from Repository.

After that, you need to configure Media Sources and System Settings. You should filter system settings by namespace "staticsaver" to get all related settings.

You can see detailed video of configuring StaticSaver at YouTube.

StaticSaver's system settings

System setting Description Default
staticsaver.include_category Add category folder to the path of element. For example, Snippet MySnippet in category MyCategory will be in path_to_media_source/MyCategory/MySnippet.php false
staticsaver.static_default Set all elements to be static on opening of element's form. false
staticsaver.static_file_extension The extension of all elements. It is of high priority. So you need to keep it blank for setting up different extensions of different elements. php
staticsaver.static_chunk_file_extension The extension of chunks. See static_file_extension description. php
staticsaver.static_plugin_file_extension The extension of plugins. See static_file_extension description. php
staticsaver.static_snippet_file_extension The extension of snippets. See static_file_extension description. php
staticsaver.static_template_file_extension The extension of templates. See static_file_extension description. php
staticsaver.static_tv_file_extension The extension of template variables. See static_file_extension description. php
staticsaver.static_chunk_media_source The media source for chunks. 1
staticsaver.static_plugin_media_source The media source for plugins. 1
staticsaver.static_snippet_media_source The media source for snippets. 1
staticsaver.static_template_media_source The media source forf templates. 1
staticsaver.static_tv_media_source The media source for template variables. 1

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