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Please file issues for the appropriate project in the issues section at Github: https://github.com/modxcms/

Issues that the community can initiate or collaborate on include:

  • bugs in MODX (Evolution and Revolution) and some Extras
  • feature requests for MODX (Evolution and Revolution) and some Extras
  • reports of bugs or problems with various MODX websites or parts thereof

Many feature requests and bug reports stem originally from discussions in the forums. If you are filing a bug report or feature request for which there is forum discussion, please include a link to the forum thread.

Dialog around your bugs and features is very helpful especially when the solution is not clear-cut. Ultimately, contributors and the code integration team working on bug fixes and features will use the issue tracker as the first, and possibly only, source of information on the problem. If there is no link to additional information, that information may never play a role in solving your bug or getting a new feature developed.