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Archivist Snippet

This snippet displays monthly or yearly archive links.


Simply place the snippet wherever you would like to display archive listings in, the parents to grab archives from, and a target resource to load the archives using the getArchives snippet.

[[!Archivist? &target=`123` &parents=`4,12,33`]]

Available Properties

Name Description Default
tpl The chunk that will be used to display each month/year result. row
target The Resource that the getArchives snippet is called on, that will display the results of the archive filter.
parents Comma-delimited list of ids serving as parents.
depth Integer value indicating depth to search for resources from each parent. 10
sortBy The field to sort and group results by. publishedon
sortDir Order which to sort by. Defaults to DESC. DESC
limit Limits the number of resources returned. 10
start Optional. An offset of resources returned by the criteria to skip. 0
useMonth If 1, will use the month in the archive list. 1
useDay If 1, will use the day in the archive list. 0
dateFormat Optional. The date format, according to MySQL DATE_FORMAT() syntax, for each row. If blank, Archivist will calculate this automatically.
useFurls If true, will generate links in pretty Friendly URL format. 1
extraParams Optional. If specified, will attach this to the URL of each row.
cls A CSS class to add to each row. arc-row
altCls A CSS class to add to each alternate row. arc-row-alt
firstCls Optional. A CSS class to add to the first row. If empty will ignore.
lastCls Optional. A CSS class to add to the last row. If empty will ignore.
filterPrefix The prefix to use for GET parameters with the Archivist links. Make sure this is the same as the filterPrefix parameter on the getArchives snippet call. arc_
toPlaceholder If set, will set the output of this snippet to this placeholder rather than output it.
setLocale If true, Archivist will run the setlocale function with your cultureKey setting if your cultureKey is not "en". true
grSnippet The name of the snippet used to list results. getResources

Archivist Chunks

There is 1 chunk that is processed in Archivist. Its corresponding Archivist parameter is:

  • tpl - The Chunk to use for each result displayed.


Display a list of months for archives for Resources under IDs 2, 4 & 6, and when clicked, go to page 123:

[[!Archivist? &target=`123` &parents=`2,4,6`]]

See Also

  1. Archivist.Archivist
    1. Archivist.Archivist.tpl
  2. Archivist.ArchivistGrouper
  3. Archivist.getArchives
    1. Archivist.getArchives.tpl

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