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The recaptcha hook

The recaptcha hook will enable reCaptcha support for FormIt forms.


First off, add "recaptcha" to your &hooks parameter in your FormIt call. Then you'll need to include the following placeholders in your form:


The first placeholder is where the reCaptcha form will be rendered; the 2nd is the error message (if any) for reCaptcha.

Finally, you'll need to setup your reCaptcha private and public keys in System Settings. The settings available for reCaptcha are:

Name Description
formit.recaptcha_public_key Your reCaptcha public key.
formit.recaptcha_private_key Your reCaptcha private key.
formit.recaptcha_use_ssl Whether or not to use SSL for reCaptcha requests. Defaults to false.

Available Properties

The reCaptcha hook has a few extra configuration options:

Name Description Default
recaptchaJs A JSON object to pass into the RecaptchaOptions var, which configures the reCaptcha widget. See the official reCaptcha docs for more information. {}
recaptchaTheme The recaptcha theme to use. clean

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