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SocialSuiteis a collection of useful tools for integrating various social media into your MODX website.

prettyNumbers is an output filter, part of SocialSuite, which formats numbers nicely depending on the size of the number. It can also be used as a standalone snippet by passing a number into the input property.

Basic Usage

Assuming [[+count]] returns a number, you just add the prettyNumbers output filter to it:


and it will be prettyfied.

When you want to parse the result of a snippet, you can also just use the output filter syntax, for example with getFacebookShares.

[[!getFacebookShares:prettyNumbers? &url=`http://google.com/`]]

As a standalone snippet, the syntax is slightly different in both scenarios:

[[prettyNumbers? &input=`[[+count]]`]]
[[prettyNumbers? &input=`[[!getFacebookShares? &url=`http://google.com/`]]`]]

Advanced Usage

You can also specify options to the output filter or snippet to change how it formats the number. These are as follows:

Option Key Default Description
case lower When set to "u", "ucase", "upper" or "strtoupper", this will change the suffix (k, m, b) to uppercase.
decimal . (dot) A string to use as decimal separator.
thousands , (comma) A string to use as thousands' separator.

You specify these like this:

[[+count:prettyNumbers=`case=upper&decimal=,&thousands=.`]][[prettyNumbers? &input=`[[!getFacebookShares? &url=`http://google.com/`]]` &options=`case=upper&decimal=,&thousands=.`]]

How numbers are formatted by default

5 => 5
515 => 515
5141 => 5.1k
5151 => 5.2k
51415 => 51k
51515 => 52k
515151 => 515k
5151515 => 5.2m
51515151 => 52m
515151515 => 515m
5151515151 => 5.2b
51515151515 => 52b
515151515151 => 515b
5151515151515 => 5,152b
51515151515151 => 51,515b
515151515151515 => 515,152b

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