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Quick guide for adding templates

Sometimes you have a piece of code that users sometimes need to add and you want the outcome to be the same everytime. You can with Templates in TinyMCE.

This is just a quick guide for adding templates to TinyMCE in Revolution (I found this in the forums after searching for an hour, so I thought it might be worth putting it here).

- In the manager, goto: System -> System settings.

- Choose 'TinyMCE' in the 'core' selection box and 'General' in the 'filter-by-area' selection box.

- Look for the property: 'Custom Plugins' (key: 'tiny.custom_plugins'). Add the value 'template' at the end of the list that is already there.

- Change the value for the property 'Template List' (key: tiny.template_list). Add the values (templates) in a comma separated list in this format:


Note the semicolon as separators for the three necessary fields for one template. Add more by adding a comma followed by the next list.

Apparently you can use a snippet that contains the list, but I couldn't get it to work.

- Add the value 'template' to one of the button lists (select 'Custom buttons' in the 'Filter-by-area' selection box).

Don't forget to upload the template-code in the path you just entered.

title: "TinyMCE" description: "Maybe the most popular WYSIWYG editor for MODX backend"

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