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Changes the password of a user. It first matches the oldPassword you specify to the current password using modUser->passwordMatches($oldPassword), then sets the password and finally it invokes the OnUserChangePassword event. Returns true if the password was changed, false if not.


API Doc: http://api.modx.com/revolution/2.2/db_core_model_modx_moduser.class.html#%5CmodUser::changePassword()

boolean changePassword (string $newPassword, string $oldPassword)


Change the password of the user 'foobar' from 'boo123' to 'b33r4me'

$user = $modx->getObject('modUser',array('username' => 'foobar'));
$user->changePassword('b33r4me', 'boo123');

Change the password of the user currently logged in from 'mypass' to 's3cur3d'.


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