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MODX 3.0 cleaned up a significant number of old system settings and changed the default value (for new installations) of some as well.


  • allow_tv_eval, the @EVAL binding is no longer supported for TVs for security reasons #13865
  • compress_js_max_files, manager_js_zlib_output_compression, manager_js_cache_file_locking, manager_js_cache_max_age, manager_js_document_root which were related to the old dynamic manager js minification #13859, #14868
  • editor_css_path and editor_css_selectors have been removed #14843. These settings may be in by TinyMCE or other third-party extras which may need to accommodate the setting not being available.)
  • manager_language #13786, replaced by automatic language detection and on-the-fly switching in the manager #14046. Learn more about the manager language in 3.0
  • resolve_hostnames and server_protocol have been removed #14877. Deprecated settings from MODX Evolution.
  • upload_flash, set upload_files or upload_images or the allowedFileTypes on the media source instead. #14252
  • cache_action_map as the action map has been removed completely now that modAction is officially gone #14927

Changed default values

When the default value for a setting is changed, that only applies to fresh installations of MODX 3. Upgrades are unaffected (but you may want to consider making the same changes on an existing site).

  • automatic_template_assignment defaults to sibling instead of parent #14328
  • enable_gravatar is disabled on new installations #14215
  • manager_favicon_url defaults to a new favicon, included in the MODX download, with the MODX logo. #14324
  • manager_time_format uses 24hr format (H:i) instead of am/pm (g:i a) by default #14325
  • preserve_menuindex defaults to false instead of true #14328
  • resource_tree_node_name_fallback defaults to alias instead of pagetitle #14328

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