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You can typically use any parameters you'd like when creating custom manager pages or other integrations, but there are a couple of exceptions.

Reserved parameters in the manager

The following parameters are used by the manager for various purposes.

  • a – used to define an action or controller
  • namespace - indicates what namespace the action belongs to; when not specified defaults to core
  • context_key – specifies one of your contexts (e.g. "web" or "mgr")
  • wctx - specifies the "working context" which is the context the current "thing" belongs to, rather than the context "mgr".
  • class_key – specifies a class name, e.g. when creating a Weblink or static resource
  • id - specifies the ID a certain action or controller defaults to.

Reserved parameters in the front-end

  • q - used when friendly URLs are enabled for routing a request to the right resource. Can be changed with the request_param_alias system setting, but recommended to leave unchanged.
  • id - used when friendly URLs are disabled for fetching the current resource. Can be changed with the request_param_id system setting, but recommended to leave unchanged.

Reserved $_SESSION variables

  • cultureKey
  • all parameters prefixed with modx.

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