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The Quip Snippet

This snippet displays all the comments for a given thread.


Simply place the snippet wherever you would like to display a comment thread, and specify what the name of that thread will be.

[[!Quip? &thread=`myThread`]]

Available Properties

Name Description Default
thread The ID of the thread you want to reference. This can be anything - and will be the reference point for any related comments. n/a
parent The parent to start at when displaying the thread. 0
threaded Whether or not this thread can have threaded comments. Threaded comments allow users to comment on comments, increasing the level of indentation. Non-threaded comments allow users to comment only on the parent article, not on the comments. 1
maxDepth The maximum depth that replies can be made in a threaded comment thread. 5
replyResourceId The ID of the Resource where the QuipReply snippet is held, for replying to threaded comments.
threadedPostMargin The margin, in pixels, by which threaded comments are moved right for each depth level that they go. 15
useMargins Instead of using ol/li tags, do divs with margin styles (old Quip style) 0
closed If set to true, the thread will not accept new comments. 0
closeAfter The number of days at which the thread will automatically close after it was created. Set to 0 to leave open indefinitely. 14
dateFormat The format of the date to show for a comment's post date. The syntax is in PHP strftime format. %b %d, %Y at %I:%M %p
requireAuth If set to true, only logged in users will be able to comment on the thread. 0
useCss If true, Quip will provide a basic CSS template for the presentation. 1
altRowCss The CSS class to put on alternating comments. quip-comment-alt
nameField The field to use for the author name of each comment. Recommended values are "name" or "username". username
showAnonymousName If true, will display the value of anonymousName property (defaults to "Anonymous") if the user is not logged in when posting. 0
anonymousName The name to display for anonymous postings. Defaults to "Anonymous".
allowRemove Allow logged-in users to remove their own postings. 1
removeThreshold If allowRemove is true, the number of minutes a user can remove their posting after they have posted it. 3
allowReportAsSpam Allow logged-in users to report comments as spam. 1
useGravatar Whether or not to show Gravatar icons in comments. 1
gravatarIcon The type of Gravatar icon to use for a user without a Gravatar. identicon
gravatarSize The size in pixels of the Gravatar. 50
sortBy The field to sort comments by. If threading is on (the default behavior, or set explicitly via &threaded=1), then it's best leave this alone. rank
sortByAlias The alias of classes to use with sort by. quipComment
sortDir The direction to sort by. ASC
tplComment A chunk for the comment itself.
tplCommentOptions A chunk for the options, such as delete, shown to an owner of a comment.
tplComments The outer wrapper for comments. Can either be a chunk name or value. If set to a value, will override the chunk.
tplReport The link on a comment to report as spam. Can either be a chunk name or value. If set to a value, will override the chunk.
removeAction The name of the submit field to remove a comment post. quip-remove
reportAction The name of the submit field to report as spam a comment post. quip-report
idPrefix If you want to use multiple Quip instances on a page, change this ID prefix. qcom
limit The number of comments to limit per page. Setting this to a non-zero number will enable pagination. 0
start The default comment index to start on. Recommended to leave at 0. 0
tplPagination A chunk for the pagination OL wrapper.
tplPaginationItem A chunk for each non-current pagination number link.
tplPaginationCurrentItem A chunk for the current pagination number link.
paginationCls A CSS class to put on the pagination OL wrapper. quip-pagination
pageCls A CSS class to put on a non-current pagination number link. quip-page-number
currentPageCls A CSS class to put on the current pagination number. quip-page-current

Quip Chunks

There are 4 chunks that are processed in Quip. Their corresponding parameters are:


A sample code line for a blog post that's on a Resource with no threading:

[[!Quip? &thread=`blog-post-[[*id]]` &threaded=`0`]]

A threaded comment thread, but only allowed to go 3 levels deep, and auto-close after 21 days:

[[!Quip? &thread=`blog-post-[[*id]]` &maxDepth=`3` &closeAfter=`21`]]

A comment thread, with threading, with Gravatars disabled, and only allowing logged-in comments:

[[!Quip? &thread=`blog-post-[[*id]]` &useGravatar=`0` &requireAuth=`1`]]

A comment thread, pagination enabled, having only 5 root comments per page, and a class on each pagination link li tag called 'pageLink':

[[!Quip? &thread=`blog-post-[[*id]]` &limit=`5` &pageCls=`pageLink`]]

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