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Event: OnLoadWebPageCache

Fires after a Resource is loaded from the cache. If the Resource is not cached, this event will not fire. NOTE: this event is not particularly useful until MODX 2.3 (see Issue 9841).

Service: 4 - Cache Service Events Group: None

Event Parameters



This event is triggered inside the getResource() function in modrequest.class.php.

  • _content : contains the rendered resource (i.e. its template). Any cached placeholders will replaced with values, any uncached placeholders will appear as is.

In MODX 2.3 and later you can access the resource properties (see Issue 9841):

// Override Output
$modx->event->params['resource']->_content = 'Overridden...';

You can access resource properties like so:

// Override Pagetitle
$modx->event->params['resource']->pagetitle = 'My New Pagetitle';

TVs are a trickier. They get cached as an standard array. For reading and overriding values, you will focus on element 1:

// Reading value of TV named "my_tv"
$my_tv = $modx->event->params['resource']->my_tv[1];
// Where our array
array (
    0 => 'name_of_tv',
    1 => 'Value of TV Goes here',
    2 => 'default',
    3 => NULL,
    4 => 'text', // <-- TV type

For further education, take a look at the cached files generated inside the core/cache/resource/web/resources/ folder.

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