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GalleryAlbums' containerTpl Chunk

This chunk is used for wrapping all albums iterated through by the GalleryAlbums snippet (available with 1.6.0 beta).

Default Value

There is no default value.

Available Placeholders

Name Description
albums The Album rows.
nav.first The ID of the first Album.
nav.prev The ID of the previous Album.
nav.current The ID of the current Album.
nav.next The ID of the next Album.
nav.last The ID of the last Album.
nav.curIdx The index of the current Album.
nav.count The count of the Album rows.
albumRequestVar The albumRequestVar parameter passed to the GalleryAlbums snippet. Defaults to galAlbum.


The following example shows possible placeholders. It displays a previous/next gallery navigation in an album or a gallery overview.

            [[+nav.prev:notempty=`<a href="[[~[[*id]]? &[[+albumRequestVar]]=`[[+nav.prev]]`]]">Previous Gallery</a>`:else=`<span>Previous Gallery</span>`]]
            <a href="[[~[[*id]]]]">Overview</a>
            [[+nav.next:notempty=`<a href="[[~[[*id]]? &[[+albumRequestVar]]=`[[+nav.next]]`]]">Next Gallery</a>`:else=`<span>Next Gallery</span>`]]
    <div>Gallery [[+nav.curIdx]] of [[+nav.count]]</div>

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