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GalleryAlbums Snippet

This snippet displays a list of Albums. It by default only grabs "prominent" albums.

You can display a thumbnail for each album of an image in the album by setting the "rowTpl" property to "galAlbumRowWithCoverTpl", or using [[+image]] in your custom rowTpl.


Name Description Default Value
rowTpl The Chunk to use for each album row. galAlbumRowTpl
containerTpl The Chunk to use for wrapping all album rows (available with 1.6.0 beta).
sort The field to sort the results by. createdon
dir The direction to sort the results by. DESC
limit If set to non-zero, will limit the number of results returned. 10
start The index to start from in the results. 0
toPlaceholder If not empty, will set the output to a placeholder with this value.
showInactive If 1, will show inactive galleries as well. 0
showAll If 1, will show all albums regardless of their parent. 1
showName If 0, will hide name of Album. 1
parent Grab only the albums with a parent album with this ID. Remember to set showAll to 0, otherwise it won't work! 0
prominentOnly If 1, will only display albums marked with a "prominent" status. 1
albumCoverSort The field which to use when sorting to get the Album Cover. To get the first image, use "rank". To get a random image, use "random". rank
albumCoverSortDir The direction to use when sorting to get the Album Cover. Accepts "ASC" or "DESC". ASC
thumbWidth The width for the cover album thumbnail. 100
thumbHeight The width for the cover album thumbnail. 100
thumbZoomCrop Whether or not to use zoom crop on the cover album thumbnail. 1
thumbFar The aspect ratio for phpThumb with the cover album thumbnail. C
thumbQuality If quality of the cover album thumbnail, from 0-100. 90
thumbProperties A JSON object of parameters to pass to phpThumb as properties for the album thumbnail.
albumRequestVar If checkForRequestAlbumVar is set to true on the Gallery snippet, will look for a REQUEST var with this name to select the album.
totalVar Define the key of a placeholder set by GalleryAlbums indicating the total number of Albums that would be selected not considering the limit value (available with 1.6.0 beta). total

GalleryAlbums Chunks

The following chunks are processed in GalleryAlbums. The corresponding GalleryAlbums parameter are:

  • rowTpl - The Chunk to use for each album displayed.
  • containerTpl - The Chunk to use for wrapping all album rows (available with 1.6.0 beta).


Grab a list first 10 active, prominent albums.


Grab 10 alphanumerically sorted prominent albums:


Grab most recent 3 Albums, whether prominent or not, and set to the placeholder 'albums':


Display the most recent 3 albums with a random cover image.


Using &thumbProperties to set the output of the album cover thumbnail to 90% quality jpg instead of png:


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