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getArchives Snippet

This snippet displays the results from an archive link generated by the Archivist snippet.


Simply place the snippet wherever you would like to display archives. getArchives will automatically handle the FURLs and input from the Archivist snippet call.

[[!getArchives? &parents=`4,12,33`]]

If using with getPage, make sure to set &cache=0 on the getPage call.

Available Properties

getArchives is a variant of getResources, so all the properties in getResources are also available to getArchives, as well as the following:

Name Description Default
tpl Name of a chunk serving as a resource template.
parents Comma-delimited list of ids serving as parents.
filterField The field to use to filter by when filtering by archives. Make sure this is the same as the sortBy parameter on the Archivist snippet call. publishedon
filterPrefix The prefix to use for GET parameters with the Archivist links. Make sure this is the same as the filterPrefix parameter on the getArchives snippet call. arc_
tagsIndex If set, and a REQUEST var of this index is found, will automatically filter results by the value. tags
toPlaceholder If set, will set the output of this snippet to this placeholder rather than output it.

If your getArchives call is not displaying any results and your resources are hidden from menus, make sure you specify the &showHidden=1 parameter (inherited from getResource) parameter!

getArchives Chunks

There is 1 chunk that is processed in getArchives. Its corresponding getArchives parameter is:

  • tpl - The Chunk to use for each result displayed.


Display archives for parents 4, 12 and 33, and set the results to a placeholder called 'results':

[[!getArchives? &parents=`4,12,33` &toPlaceholder=`results`]]

<h2>Search Results</h2>


See Also

  1. Archivist
    1. Archivist.tpl
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