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FileDownload R is a snippet that will display a list of files from user's directory.

This snippet is a complete rewrite of the Kyles Jabber's FileDownload for MODX Evolution. This Revolution version was built by goldsky. Download: https://modx.com/extras/package/filedownloadr Any bugs can be issued on here: https://github.com/goldsky/FileDownload-R/issues

This snippet does not reveal your real path to the link, but it uses a hashed link instead. The best thing is that you can store the files/directories outside of the webroot, and this script will do the rest.

The download counter is stored inside a custom database.

There are 2 snippets of this package:

  1. FileDownload
  2. FileDownloadLink

Since v. 1.0.0-pl, this package also provides plugin feature to enable developer adding their additional functions for the downloading process.

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