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The Rowboat Snippet

This snippet iterates across rows for any database table.


Display the first 10 Doodles in the modx_doodles table, sorted by name:


Using the following Chunk, "myDoodle":

<li id="doodle[[+id]]"><strong>[[+name]]</strong> - [[+description]]</li>

Available Properties

Name Description Default
tpl The Chunk to use for each row. If empty, will output an array of placeholders that are available.
table Required. The table to grab records from.
columns A JSON object of columns and aliases for those columns to grab for the row. If not set, will grab all columns in the table. *
where A JSON object for a where statement.
sortBy If set, will sort by this field.
sortDir The direction to sort by. ASC
limit The number of rows to limit per call. Defaults to 10. Set to 0 to show all. 10
offset The start index to begin with when limiting. 0
cacheResults If set to 1, will cache the results of the specific query. 1
cacheTime If cacheResults is set to 1, the number of seconds to cache the query for. 3600
placeholderPrefix The prefix to use when setting global placeholders, such as total. rowboat.
outputSeparator The separator between each user record.
toPlaceholder Optional. If set, will set the output to this placeholder and return empty.
debug Optional. If set to 1, will output a table of information about the generated query and results. Always leave at 0 for production sites. 0

tpl Chunk Properties

In your &tpl Chunk, you will have all the columns that you selected as properties, as well as:

Name Description
_idx The index of this row.
_alt 1 if is an even row, 0 if odd.
_first If this row is the first of this paged result set, then this will be 1.
_last If this row is the last of this paged result set, then this will be 1.


Grab top 10 Doodles, sorted by name, from modx_doodles that have "Test" in their name:


Grab only the id, name and description (with description aliased as "desc") columns from the above example: (note that non-aliased columns need a blank "" for the alias)


Grab 10 Doodles where description isn't empty or the name is "Test":


More to come shortly.

Using getPage with Rowboat

It's pretty simple - just make sure to set the totalVar property in your getPage call as "rowboat.total", and have cache=0 in the getPage call. For example, this will grab all doodles where the name contains "Fun", paginate them to 10 per page, and add page navigation:

<div class="paging">
<ul class="pageList">


Be careful about the &columns argument: if you list a column that does not exist, the RowBoat Snippet call will return no results.

See Also

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