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Event: OnBeforeManagerPageInit

Loaded right before a manager controller is run and after checking permissions.

  • Service: 2 - Manager Access Events
  • Group: System

Event Parameters

Please note that the event parameters for this event changed in 3.0.0-alpha2.

Name Description
action The route or action to load in the current namespace
namespace The namespace (as a string) for the current namespace
namespace_path The core path for the namespace


Previous event OnManagerPageInit
Next event OnManagerPageBeforeRender
File core/model/modx/modmanagercontroller.class.php
Class abstract class modManagerController
Method public function render()


Such a plugin will display in the "Error log" which controller has loaded:

$eventName = $modx->event->name;
switch($eventName) {
    case 'OnBeforeManagerPageInit':

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