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BabelLinks is a snippet which displays links to other languages (contexts) in the frontend.

Available Parameters

Name Description Default Version
resourceId (optional) ID of resource of which links to translations should be displayed. current resource's ID
tpl (optional) Chunk to display a language link. babelLink
activeCls (optional) CSS class name for the current active language. active
showUnpublished (optional) Flag whether to show unpublished translations. 0
showCurrent Flag whether to show current translation. 0 3.0.0
outputSeparator Character to implode the list "\n" 3.0.0
includeUnlinked Flag whether to show unlinked translation. 0 3.0.0
toArray Flag whether to dump the output as an array instead. 0 3.0.0
toPlaceholder Flag whether to dump the output into the given placeholder's name. 3.0.0
ignoreSiteStatus Option to ignore site_status (when the site is offline) 0 3.0.0

If the &tpl parameter is not set the default chunk will be used with the following code:

<li><a href="[[+url]]" class="[[+cultureKey]][[+active:notempty=` [[+active]]`]]">[[%babel.language_[[+cultureKey]]? &topic=`default` &namespace=`babel`]]</a></li>

When using your own chunk to display the language links you can use the following placeholders:

Name Description
url Url to linked translation (or site_url of specific language if there is no translated resource available).
cultureKey Culture key of translation (e.g en, de, fr oder es). You may use the babel lexicon to display the language's name: [[%babel.language_`[[+cultureKey]]`? &topic=`default` &namespace=`babel`]]
active If link points to a resource of the current active language (context) this placeholder is set to the active CSS class name specified by the &activeCls parameter (default=active). Otherwise this placeholder is empty.
id ID of tranlated resource. If no translation is available this placeholder is empty ('').



See also

  1. Babel.BabelLinks
  2. Babel.BabelTranslation

Offical Babel project website: Multilingual websites with MODX

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