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What is mChimpX?

A FormIt hook provided to subscribe an email address to your Mailchimp list. Fully configurable.

This extra stable works with Maichimp API 2.0 support (only 1.x versions support has been stopped), 3.0 version will be implemented soon.

mChimpX is created by Bert Oost.


mChimpX requires MODX® Revolution 2.4 or later.


Version Release date Author Changes
1.0.0-rc1 Dec 28, 2011 Bert Oost (OostDesign) Initial release.
2.0.0-alpha Apr 10, 2019 Oleg Pryadko Mailchimp API 2.0 support
2.1.0 May 05, 2019 Anton Tarasov Further maintenance & support

Download & Installation

Install the package through the MODX® package manager.

Example snippet call


Possible options which can be added to the FormIt tag

Parameter Description
mcApiKey [optional] The Mailchimp API Key (can be also specified via system setting mcApiKey)
mcListId [optional] The Mailchimp list id to subscribe to (can be also specified via system setting mcListId)
mcEmailField The name of the email field in the form. Default: email.
mcMergeTags The merge tags of Mailchimp combined with the form fields. Default: FNAME:firstname,LNAME:lastname,FULLNAME:firstname:lastname.

Subscribe parameters

Parameter Description
mcEmailType Email type preference for the email (html, text, or mobile).Default: html.
mcDoubleOptin To control whether a double opt-in confirmation message is sent. Default: 1
mcUpdateExisting To control whether a existing subscribers should be updated instead of throwing and error. Default: 0.
mcReplaceInterests To determine whether we replace the interest groups with the groups provided, or we add the provided groups to the member's interest groups. Default: 1.
mcSendWelcome if your doubleoptin is false and this is true, we will send your lists Welcome Email if this subscribe succeeds - this will _not fire if we end up updating an existing subscriber. If double_optin is true, this has no effect. Default: 0.

Error parameters

Parameter Description
mcDebug Debug messages in MODX error log, when needed.Default: 0.
mcFailOnApiKey Return API key errors to the front-end form. Default: 0
mcFailOnListNotExists Return 'list not exists' error to the front-end form. Default: 0.
mcFailOnAlreadySubscribed Return 'already subscribed' error to the front-end form. Default: 0.
mcFailOnNotSubscribed Return 'not subscribed' error to the front-end form. Default: 0.
mcFailOnMissingRequired Return 'missing required' error to the front-end form.. Default: 0.

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